I'll celebrate....rejoice and sing
When on that day I hear,
The trumpet sounds... I'll be homeward bound,
Shout for joy, the time is near.

I've kept the faith in Jesus Christ,
My Lord, and King of kings.
It won't be long, till He comes again.
Hallelujah, His praises sing.

A place beyond all thoughts or dreams,
Is waiting there for me.
With streets of gold, gates of pearl,
A feast, my eyes shall see.

Yes, He's coming soon, just as He said,
His promise to fulfill.
Won't you go with me, for eternity?
Just ask, it is His will.

Come quickly Lord, in your robe of white,
Take you servant home with thee.
Eternal life, wondrous gift of love,
Homeward bound I yearn to be.

2002 Marie Williams

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