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Joyful Lips Take Wings


ake the wings of the morning
Seek the deepest sea God is there
Scale the highest mountains

Find Him everywhere!

By the power of one hand
He hangs planets in space
While cradled gently in the other
He holds an eaglet by His grace.

He calls the stars by name
Arcturus, Orion and Pleiades
Rains cease, the sun shines
Rainbows He sends to please.

 Islands of shadows shimmer
Under towering sycamores
Where chirping songbirds
Issue medleys of musical scores.

 Take the wings of the evening
And blissfully soar in prayer
While joyful lips praise Him

Cradled safely in His care.

2005 James Tate

Used with permission




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Front Porch Inspirations - 2005

Midi: 'Could Be'
by: Andy Klapwyk


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