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 "Lady in Red"


Music playing softly,

He swept her off her feet,

As he held her in his arms,

Two danced to the music’s beat.


A blush of light created,

A warm gentle glow,

Two hearts became one,

Embers of love flowed.


Neither seemed to notice,

When the music ceased,

Looking deeply in her eyes,

No words, need he speak.


Her eyes were like diamonds,

This Lady in Red,

Brilliant and sparkling,

“Let’s dance,” is all she said.


They danced away the evening,

He handed her a rose,

Along with a card,

He then knelt and proposed.


Joy flowed o’ so freely,

 She replied through her tears,

“Yes, I’ll marry you,”

“We’ll live out our years…”


“Dancing to the music,

I’ll wear my red for you,

To celebrate the moment,

I gave my heart to you.”


© 2005 Marie Williams


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