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Life is but a vapor,
This time on earth we live.
Do we live each day for others;
Is there love in us to give?

Do we selfishly consider,
The needs of only one;
Or, will we put aside our needs,
‘Til, setting of the sun?

Dark is the night, and silent,
Of one lost, wayward soul.
But we can be a beacon,
Shinning strong, and bold.

As dawn’s early light glows,
Embers, golden rays.
Arise and shine for Jesus,
O glorious gift of day.

Listen as He whispers,
Draw near beloved child.
The time is soon coming,
When you can rest a while.

For now, just keep on living,
A life of love and grace;
Walking in my statues,
Giving God all Praise.

© 2004 Marie Williams


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