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Little Things

Itís not the brightest diamond

But the twinkling stars above.

Itís not bouquets of flowers

But a single rose of love.


Itís not the biggest cruise

Or the four course meals you buy

Itís the times you take me fishing

And the cookouts you supplied.


Itís the way you hold my hand

As we walk across the street

And the gentle smile you give

As our friends we often greet.


Many times you have told me

Just how much you truly care

Yet in little things youíve proven

Your life, you want to share.


We have our private moments

We can talk into the night

And secrets that Iíve shared

You guarded with your life.


And so I send this greeting

Just one simple little thing

In hopes that it will make you smile

And joy to you it brings.


© 2005 Marie Williams


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