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Mama's Greatest Gift

By Marie Williams

      Danny rubbed his eyes, propping his weary feet on his antique mahogany desk. The week was coming to a close, and he still had unfinished work to complete by Monday.

      Exhaling slowly, he felt his body relax. He allowed himself a few quiet moments while the warmth of the sun slowly lulled him to a light sleep. A sleep in which his body was at complete rest, yet there was an awareness of the surrounding sounds.

      Danny heard soft whispers and laughter off in the distance. It must have been in the hallway just on the other side of his office door. He wanted to open his eyes, but he couldn't seem to get them to comply. It was as if his eyelids were filled with wet sand. He strained again to open them only succeeding to the point of a slight slit before they closed.

      Danny's wife, Sondra tapped softly on the door. There was no response, she opened the door, calling his name, "There you are, and sleeping on the job I see. " A smile played on her face as she leaned over kissing his warm cheek. The scent of her perfume aroused his senses.

      Danny and Sondra were high school sweet hearts. Sondra fell head over heels for Danny the moment she met him. A mutual friend set them up on a blind date. Danny was a bit reluctant at first, but trusted his friend enough to know she wouldn't plan the meeting if she weren't certain that he would enjoy the date. It didn't take Danny long to realize that he had found a pearl!

      Following graduation, Danny proposed, and Sondra accepted. They set the wedding date for a week after her college graduation.  Four years later, Danny's motel business was booming, and Sondra was selling real estate.

      "Mmm, you smell so good, Danny reached for her hand pulling her near as he stood, now wide awake. Resting her head on his chest, she listened to his steady heartbeat while he held her in his arms.

      Danny's thoughts drifted to the day his mother told him she had been praying for him a wife. It was almost Christmas. They were standing in the kitchen; Danny waited eagerly for the cookies to come from the oven. He chuckled, yet he knew she was serious. His mom was a prayer warrior, and she knew how to shake the portals of heaven. "Then I'm in good hands," he replied, as he playfully untied her apron.

      "Earth to Danny, earth to Danny, " Sondra's voice brought him back to the present. "Sorry honey, I was thinking about mom." Well, if it has to be another woman, I can't think of anyone I'd rather it be than your mom" Sondra replied.

      "So handsome, how about lunch?" Sondra playfully pulled at his tie. "I'm sorry honey, I'd love to, but I have to get this work done. Tell you what, 'I'll take you our for dinner tonight." Sondra teasingly pouted, then blew him a kiss on the way out.

      Diane was at it again. this time her fervent prayers were in her private prayer closet, and these were personal prayers for only the Lord's ears. As she stepped out into the cool night air, she enjoyed the beauty of the starry sky. "How magnificent is your handiwork, Lord, you stretch the heavens above me, and fill them with your diamond delights," Diane praised.

       Diane was on a mission. She was going Christmas shopping for someone very special. After an hour of browsing, she finally found exactly what she was looking for. The clerk offered to wrap the gift, but Diane declined. This was one gift she wanted to wrap.

      Sondra took a nice long bubble bath. After toweling off, she dusted her body with talcum powder then lightly sprayed with Red Door , Danny's favorite perfume.

      Her long, blond hair hung softly at her shoulders. With one last check from a hand mirror, Sondra decided her hair would be worn down. She chose a black velvet dress and slipped into it zipping it in the back.  Black pumps, and matching purse finished the outfit. Sondra chose a string of pearls Danny had given to her for Christmas the year before, along with pearl earrings.

      After four years of marriage, Sondra still felt the same thrill she had on their first date. She reached for a paper on the dresser, tucked it in her purse, and called to Danny downstairs, "Are you ready honey?" "A date with you? I'm always ready," he replied with a wink, as she started down the stairs.

      Diane hummed as she wrapped the gift and placed it under her tree. This indeed, would be a Christmas to remember. She sat in her rocker enjoying the twinkling tree lights.

      As dinner came to an end, Sondra reached for Danny's hand. It had been a wonderful, romantic evening. "Danny, I have something to tell you," she spoke softly as she pulled a paper from her purse. "Something wrong honey?" "No, actually everything is right." She quickly replied. "Then, what is it?" Danny couldn't stand the anticipation any longer."

      Sondra flashed a smile and responded, "We're going to have a baby!" Showing him the proof by the test results she held in her hand. Danny was speechless.
When he was finally able to speak, he got up from the table, walked to her and took her in his arms, gently kissing her lips. People in the restaurant applauded. Red-faced, Danny whispered, "let's go home."

      This news was something Danny had dared dream of.. having a child with the woman he adored. Now it was a reality. They would tell Diane Christmas Eve.

      Christmas arrived, and gifts were opened. Danny and Sondra bought Diane a pair of earrings she had seen in the jewelry store at the mall. Diane gave Sondra and Danny a quilt she had been working on throughout the year.

      "Mom," Danny began to speak, Diane interrupted, "Here Sondra, I have one more gift for the two of you. Please open it together." Danny took the ribbon and paper from the package, and then handed the box to Sondra. Inside was a wooden box lined with velvet. They opened the lid, and Sondra lifted the most beautiful crystal globe with a gold hanger attached. Inside the globe was the nativity scene. Engraved on the bottom were the words, 'Baby's First Christmas.'

      Sondra gasped, "How did you know, mom?" Suddenly, Danny's eyes overflowed with tears of joy. "She has been at it again, Sondra. She has blessed us by praying for a baby, just like she prayed for you!"

Diane smiled, "Let's pray and give God praise for his special gift."

2004 Marie Williams



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