Feasting At Your Table



There’s an open invitation

To come and dine with You,

A feast unlike the others,

Where there are just a select few.

The dining room is open…

For all to come and dine.

Yes, an open invitation,

Please come, at any time.


You offer abundant blessings

And overflowing love;

You quench our thirsty souls,

By your Spirit, from above.

There’s music all around us,

Angels sing in harmony,

As we feast at your table;

O such sweet ecstasy!


Saints rejoice in jubilation,

Knowing Christ, our King, will serve.

The best He has to offer,

We have read it in His Word.

The bread and new wine waiting

Won’t you come with me and dine?

You’ll be feasting at God’s table,

Please… RSVP in time!


© 2004 Marie Williams



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