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Friendship Gift
How did we become such friends?
I've often asked myself.
It surely is a gift from God,
A treasure of great wealth.
As the days turn into weeks,
A year will soon have passed.
I'll look back at the laughs we shared
Knowing our friendship will last.
You've given of yourself to me
And the love of God, you've shared.
Your inner beauty shines like gold,
I value all your prayers.
Your grace and beauty shows in all,
The things you say and do.
Your sunny disposition,
Gives me joy in knowing you
I wish for you much happiness,
And blessings to abound.
I pray that when you need a hand,
I'll  be the one around.
I offer ...unconditional love,
An ear, when you need to talk.
A prayer, for healing when you're ill,
And encouragement in life's walk.
For times of silence, I'll respect,
Your privacy to spend.....
Some quiet time with God alone,
He is your greatest friend.
'Tho I may not see your face,
Until we meet in Heaven,
Your friendship I will hold most dear,
This gift, which God has given.
2003 Marie Williams







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Front Porch Inspirations - 2005

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