God Gave

 When the storms of life are raging.
God will rock you in His arms of protection.

When you feel as though your heart is breaking
Remember, God mends the broken hearted.

 When you feel as though no one cares
God cares.

When you think things are hopeless
Put your hope in God.

 When you think there are no answers
Jesus is the Answer, The Great I Am.

When you've found life has new meaning
God was there to breathe new life into you. 

When you find blessings at every turn
God poured out of His abundance. Give Him Praise.
When you found beauty in the lily
God gently wiped away your tears that you might see.

 When you rejoiced in the melody of the birdsongs
God gave you ears to hear... Rejoice!

When you found answers to problems seemingly impossible
God gave you wisdom far beyond your own intellectual mind. 

As you woke this morning rested and ready to face the day,
God extended to you His Unlimited GRACE.

2004 Marie Williams



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