Golden Years



By Marie Williams



There’s much to be said about the golden years. Yes, we managed to raise three wonderful children. All three are married and have graciously blessed us with a combined eight bright and talented grandchildren.


We’ve often had friends ask us, “What do you do with all your extra time?” My reply is always the same, “What extra time?”  Just as anyone else, we have to prioritize our day. If not, we’d never get anything done.


My husband is still in the workforce, thus other than preparing children for school, my daily duties is much the same give or take a few minor changes. Instead of running to the school to take my daughter's gym clothes, I now run to the school to take our granddaughter her basketball uniform or flute that was left precariously on the breakfast bar.


We’ve replaced the horses our children showed with dogs, cats, and pigs. (The latter certainly not thought of as our children!) But the grandkids do enjoy the pigs as a FFA project.


It is nice to have an occasional night out for dinner, even though we have to have a table for 15.


We do enjoy long drives together, (on the way to basketball games out of town.) It gives us time to reflect on the last game and share the moment of glory when one of the grandkids sunk a 3-point shot!


We are relaxed during the more intimate moments without concern of a tap on the bedroom door. Now, was that before… or after one of our children called to remind us of a grandparent’s day at school?


I must admit, we now arise earlier and retire later. I’ve heard it said you require less sleep when you approach the ‘Golden Years.’ Imagine that!


We spend less time worrying and more time praying because we’ve learned that worry gets us nowhere, but prayer will carry us where we cannot go and accomplish what we cannot accomplish.


Here’s to the ‘Golden Years.’ Yes, we’ve had the boomerang children. We give thanks that they felt loved enough to come home and loved even more when we sent them back out!


© 2005 Marie Williams







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