I Am

I Am the God of Glory,
I Am the God of Light;
My hand can split the heavens,
My voice dispel the night!
There is no force above Me,
No other power or might -
My word alone brought forth the world
And gave all men their life!

And would you hide, Oh sinner?
What choice your hiding place?
For I Am everywhere the same
And I Am where youíre safe!
When torrents rage above you -
When all hope seems in vain -
I Am the God of Purest Love,
And Iím evermore the same!

I Am the God Who can unfold
Transparent insect wings;
Who gives an individual song
To every bird that sings;
Creator of the rainbow
And scarlet sunset hues...
Who saw you in your motherís womb
And knew you would be you!

I love you just the way you are,
I know why you were made.
For you I sent My Precious Son -
For you a price I paid
A million stars...a million signs
Within your sight and touch
Compelling you to know the truth:
I Am He, Who loves so much!

© Joan Clifton Costner
©Art for this Page also from Joan
Used with permission

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