"Front Porch Inspirations"

I Am Blessed
For every precious breath you give
A grace-filled life you let me live
For peace within my heart each day
For this and more I want to say
I Am Blessed.....
 A house with love became a home
No more to live within alone
Because you smiled upon my life
You taught me how to be a wife.
Dear Lord I give my thanks to You
Each time I see a rainbow's hues.
And feel the gentle breezes blow
Or watch the crystal waters flow.
The sound of distant laughter rings
Within my ears as children sing
Sweet melodies in one accord
Love for Jesus Christ their Lord
For family.... and many friends
For comforting encouragement
For caring hearts and thoughtful deeds
I give You thanks for all of these.
Because you gave your life for me
Upon a cross at Calvary
Because you died to save my soul
You took all sin and made me whole.
I Am Blessed!
2005 Marie Williams




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Front Porch Inspirations - 2005


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