In God We Trust

In God we trust, the words rang true

From sea to shinning sea

Lifting praise to Him in love

Men knelt on bended knee.


Each day anew, it all began

With prayer for guiding light

For wisdom, and His hand on them

For decisions made upright.


For leadership, led by one

Much wiser than mankind

His guidance truly won the battles

Waged from hidden mines.


But as the years so quickly passed

Their love began to wane

With subtlety, desire soon left

To seek God’s holy name.


The peace once known by a nation fair

Was facing sudden change

It now saw certain chaos

As destruction took her aim


The warning rang through every home

Once blessed by safe abode

Fear soon reared its ugly head

Which way were they to go?


But as repentance of a nation

Fell upon her face

With blinders lifted from our eyes

Again, we knew Gods Grace.


America, must not forget

A nation will stand tall

If God is first in all we do

If not….we’ll surely fall.


The Spirit if America

Must dwell within each heart

God-given, strong and true

No man can e’er impart.



© 2003-2004 Marie Williams



The painting used to create this set is
called "Spirit of Freedom" by Beverley Lu©
Used with permission.

Space travel java script courtesy of  Kurt Grigg


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