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"I've Gone Away"
Don't look for me, I've gone away,
Away from winter's sky and gray.
Away from all life's despair,
To my new home, just over there.
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Don't look for me, I've entered in
Through Heaven's door, where I'll begin
To meet and talk to John and Paul,
And meet the Master, Best of All.
Don't look for me, although I'll miss
Loved ones with whom I've shared a kiss,
And Spring's warm rain, and Summer's sun,
And Christmas time and New Year's fun.
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Don't look for me, for this I know,
Because the Bible tells me so.
I'm going home from earthly sod,
To spend Eternity with God.
1981  E.H.Coe   
Used with permission, please do not use this
poem without contacting Mikki

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