"Front Porch Inspirations"

The Gift Within

You say you have no talents,
No ability to sing.
Nor can you play the violin,
You often break the strings.

Artistic paintings-----never!
The brush falls from your hand.
Nor could you ever meet,
Athletic game demands.

There are special gifts within you,
That you may not perceive.
Do you bring smiles to faces,
That may have suffered grief?

Remember the phone calls,
Just to say hello or,
“I was thinking of you,
And I wanted you to know.”

I saw your gentle touch,
When a child tripped and fell.
You were there in an instant,
To make all things well.

I remember also,
The cards you’ve sent to me.
Filled with much encouragement,
So I hope that you will see…

You are so very special,
You’re one of a kind.
Your gift of compassion,
Doesn’t leave you behind.

Artistic abilities…
May some day come to pass,
But the gifts that you were given,
Forever, they will last.

You have God-given talents,
To use and glorify...
Your Creator and your Savior,
For by them, you testify...
Of His goodness and mercy,
His love for one and all.
Keep shinning for Jesus,
Keep following His call.
© 2003 Marie Williams



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Midi: 'Boccherini-Minuet
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