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The Story Of The Butterfly
The angel making process
Is extremely intricate,
It has top secret status,
And is most delicate,

God likes to choose the crews,
For His angel-making plants,
He picks older, wiser angels
From all the applicants

And though they are well qualified,
They've been known to make mistakes,
Nothing major, mind you,
And all have been excused by grace.

But one day something happened,
Based on a silly whim,
A worker thought it might be fun
To put more colors in.

And resulting from that prank
There appeared some tiny pods,
"Oh dear," exclaimed the engineer,
"We must report these pods to God."

"No wait," cried his assistant,
We need to stall for time,
I don't think adding colors
Really constitutes a crime."

"Some chemical imbalance
No doubt has come about,
So, simply isolate the pods,
While we get this figured out."

God, of course, who can't be spoofed,
Was aware of all of this,
He knew about the odd, new pods,
And how the angels were remiss.

He smiled to his holy self,
And thought He should step in,
A miracle's in order now,
He decided with a grin.

So that night when the plant was closed,
God went in and touched each tiny pod,
And by morning they'd begun to move,
And the angels then were overawed.

The pods were jumping up and down,
And they rolled around each other,
And so frightened were the angels,
They wrapped their wings round one another.

Now God was smiling broadly,
He was having so much fun,
Soon the pods began to crack,
And split open - one by one.

Next, emerging very slowly
Were these tiny, little things,
With wispy, fragile bodies,
And beautiful, big wings.

"Oh my goodness!" cried the angels,
"Look! Look! See what's there!"
And the lovely little creatures
Began to flutter in the air.

"Are they aliens?" one angel asked,
"Angels of another breed?"
"Maybe," said the engineer,
"They're different, I agree."

So tiny and so colorful,
Such wondrous things to find,
So quiet and so gentle,
So truly God-designed.

God sat back, contented,
As they hovered all around,
And that, dear friend's, the story,
Of how butterflies were found.

Butterflies and angels
Have, indeed, a common source,
Both created by the Lord,
And based on love, of course.

Thus butterflies and angels
Are really next-of-kin,
So when a butterfly flies by,
That's an angel checking in.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 2003 - Revised 2005
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