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The Tomb Is Empty!
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The next evening, when the Sabbath ended,
Mary Magdalene and Salome and Mary the mother of James
went out and purchased burial spices to put on Jesus' body.
Very early on Sunday morning, just at sunrise,
they came to the tomb. On the way they were
discussing who would roll the stone away
from the entrance to the tomb.
But when they arrived, they looked up and saw
that the stone a very large one
had already been rolled aside.
So they entered the tomb, and there
on the right sat a young man
clothed in a white robe.
The women were startled, but the angel said,
"Do not be so surprised.
You are looking for Jesus, the Nazarene,
who was crucified. He isn't here!
He has been raised from the dead!

Mark 16:1-6


Beloved followers of Christ
Lift up the head the hangs
Triumphant is the Lord of lords
All glory to His name.
Rejoice and praise our God above
For prophecy fulfilled
The Son of God came to this earth
To walk Golgotha's Hill.
Entombed within... guards standing by
The grave would surely hold
Bruised, beaten, tortured body of...
Christ Jesus in their control?
Scoffers jeered as mourners wept
Their hearts did break into
Little did they know that soon
There'd be an empty tomb!
The angel rolled away the stone
Christ rose in victory
The tomb is empty, come and see,
O such sweet release.
Death no longer holds her grip
Christ has reconciled
Through His death upon the Cross
We now, can be His child.
Thank God for the empty tomb
Through Christ we'll rise again
We'll live forevermore with Him
Praise God, Praise God, Amen!
2006 Marie Williams


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