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The Way
Do you spend your life wandering
   Along a lonely path?  
Are you searching for answers
To questions often asked?
Does darkness overshadow
   Every step you try to take,   
  Each night feel like eternity  
As you lie in bed awake?
Do tears roll from your eyes
   As you search the heaven above?  
Precious soul donít you know....
Of Godís unconditional love?
Take another journey
  To the Cross of Calvary;  
It is there youíll find the answer
To your humble plea.
Jesus is the Way....
He is Truth and the Life; 
You must go to the Father
Through His Son, Jesus Christ.
 Kneel at the Cross,   
Repent of your sin,  
See the cleansing blood
Jesus shed for all men.
With open arms Heíll welcome
   All who wish to be set free.  
He will wash you in his blood
That flows from Calvary!
© 2006 Marie Williams


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