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A Valentine For My Love
My heart does beat for you
With a love that is true.
You means more than life to me,
And in my heart you'll always be.
Our love's been kissed from above,
It's the only way of true love.
It was sent from God by His Grace,
And given to us, to embrace.
Thank You Father, yes I do
For this love that's proven true!
And husband of mine I'd like to say,
I'm glad you're mine every Valentine's Day!

 Ephesians 5
Submitting yourselves one to another in
the fear of God. Wives, submit yourselves
unto your own husbands, as unto the Lord.


My Valentine
‘The Heart’ ah, such a fragile thing
And oh… so very easily broken
As I express my undying love to you
Let these sincere words be a token
A token… of feelings so very warm
That are held deep within my heart
When we met, our love began to form
Our hearts beat in unison, at the start
Your love means more than life… to me
You’re in my heart forever… I know
You will always be my ‘Valentine’
Through eternity, our love will grow
© Judith Johnson  Kypta



Be My Valentine
When I think of you my love,
My heart just skips a beat.
I know you're the one for me,
Every time we meet.
I hope you will be my Valentine,
My love is so strong for you,
I know for sure in my heart,
That no one else will do.
I hope that you feel the same,
Nothing could be better.
Than the two of us sharing our love,
Each day together.
© Southbreeze



Old Valentines

The twinkle in your eyes is gone and
Time has wiped away
The handsome face, dark curly hair ~
Made it white and gray.

The joyful ways you always had
Are now demure and slow;
Like me, I guess, and Valentines
Were very long ago.

You’re in your chair - all settled back,
And I lay on the couch.
Close enough to touch your hand
If we just...reach out.

The winter’s here,
The day is drear,
Our tiny pond is ice;
Hard to believe the Lilly pads
In Springtime will be nice.

We live, we die,
Time passes on.
We find it matters small.
Some will remember
For a while,
Some...not at all.

If there’s a dot
Upon the space
Where our lives passed this earth,
It’s almost like
A miracle
Has birthed and lived its worth.

Old Valentines ~ remembering
The days that used to be.
You brought the card I held so dear
And got a kiss...from me.

© Joan Clifton Costner


A Rose For You
A rose for you my love,
I give with all my heart,
Gently I kiss to send,
With my love I impart.
Happy Valentine’s Day,
I will always love you,
My heart belongs with yours,
Be mine and wed me too.
My love you are my rose,
My sweet beauty I see,
With a rose I promise,
Love forever from me.
You are breath in my soul,
The fresh scent of a breeze,
The bouquet of sweet love,
My love be mine now please.
©  Sondra McPherson


My Precious Valentine
My heart belongs to you,
For all time it has been,
I look at you in love,
A heart of truth I send.
You accept my offer,
Returning a love so true,
Together a life of happiness,
Bonded in love for me and you.
I look for tomorrow,
With you by my side,
Forever we will be together,
In God's love we abide.
© Gayle Davis


 Gathering Moonbeams
Come with me, just once more
Into the nighttime fleeting
Let's gather moonbeams like once before
Let this be our "last" meeting.
Recall with me, the sparkling stars,
The full moon brightly shining.
You drew me softly into your arms,
And the clouds had a silver lining.
Long years of moonbeams, scattered now,
Whispered words of love, softly dying.
Today you walk on Heavenly Shores
Tonight, my heart is crying.
Come with me, just once more~~~
Call to me, reach for my hand.
Let's gather moonbeams as we did before~~~
And sprinkle them in the "Promised Land".
© 2006 Karen Payne 


Love is of God

Love is of God and God is love
There's no way they can separate
Because Love is of God
And God, He is Love!

© 1989 Darlene Osborne

True Love

You are my only true love,
burning deep inside of me.
Together forever to remain,
appears our lasting destiny.

You are my complete future,
my ship sailing upon the sea.
Returning daily safely home,
brings love once more to me.

Nestled faithful in my heart,
Without you, I will be alone.
With you I am so full of life,
without you, I cannot go on.

Perhaps it sounds so foolish,
understand my dear it is true.
I think of living all our days,
completely content with you.

Oh my love, I long for such,
precious celebration as this.
Aware you will embrace me,
while our lips meet in a kiss.

This time of love be with me,
singing our own special song.
Stay here my sweet valentine,
Beside me where you belong.

© 2006 Brenda Sparkman


Valentine's Day comes but once per year,
But my love for you is eternal dear.
The flame inside burns brighter and brighter,
Your love helps my heart feel lighter.
From the day we met years ago,
Until this day, your love always shows.
Your caring touch upon my hand,
The way you always seem to understand.
How blessed I am to have you near,
Our love grows stronger year by year.
So on this another Valentine's day,
I give you my heart full of love to stay.
© 2006 Shirley Barr


Valentine Love
I love you just for who you are
And what you do for me,
For every little joke we've shared
Each precious memory...
I love you for your faith in me
Your understanding heart,
For showing that you miss me
Anytime we've been apart...
For every special plan and dream
You've helped me to fulfill.
I love you now with all my heart
And I know I always will!
© 2006 Vernie Attaway
Happy Valentine's Day!!!


Wondrous Love

Dear Father I pray you stay close to me
During all my life ..always I need Thee
To lead my way ...to clear the road
To be my shelter and help carry the load

You've never left, I know You are there
Yet sometimes the hardships are hard to bear
I look to You for strength from above
You come to my rescue ...showing Your great love

Not always in this life is pain removed,
For this life is short, soon we will be made new
So let us enjoy the splendor of this world
The beauty You have given us; now unfurled

The birds singing brightly, and flying free
The mountains and laurels; all creations of Thee
The sun and the moon, and all light did you send
And ever so lightly touches of the moving wind.

So let us not dwell on pain here we acquire
But more to Your beauty and creations admire
For life after death, no comparison there can be
The joys of all heaven, our trophy to be.

© Kentucky_Lady4

My Forever Valentine

After all these many years
there's still only one man
who I want for my valentine,
because for me, this is God's plan.

You are always there for me
through good times and bad
You stand proudly by my side
that you are mine, I am truly glad!

You fill my days with rapture,
make me so happy to be alive.
Each day I am thrilled to awaken.
It's true, on your love I thrive.

I arouse just to see your adoring face
and my heart swells with love for you.
I thank God above, He has made us one.
throughout my life, you'll see me through.

The breath of Heaven fashions our lives.
God breathes on us like a dew kissed rose.
Each new morning, our love rises to bloom.
How I got to be so blessed, God only knows.

Thank you being my life long partner.
You are my soul's mate and my best friend.
You will always be my love, my valentine,
forever and always, until the very end.

©TinasHeart 02/05/06


Do Not Arouse or Awaken Love until It So Desires

The red felicities of love
Can launch your heart into the sky—
But caution is required above,
’Cause you need wings before you fly;

Don’t pluck the lovely, tempting flower
Until your hands are trained to serve—
When time is right, your heart will soar,
And reach the heights that love deserves.

(c) 2006 Benjamin Graber

Valentine's Torch

You are the steps that pace my springs:
my joy, my triumph, coups, all things.
You are the leaves that groom my trees,
the rose with scent that taunts the bees.

You are the sun each summer day
as infant life matures our way
like mighty Oaks whose roots stretch out
and stars at night that flash about.

You are the rock of earth's mined ore
that purifies our solstice door
and winter days we say adieu,
as season's springtime binds us two.

Valentine's cheers for us are blest,
as offspring leaves an empty nest.
With forty years of February's bliss
this era life, seals passion's kiss.

© 2005 Carol Dee Meeks
Matters of the Heart

When your heart aches for something
Most precious to your life,
God has placed that heartache -
As He grieves in your strife.

When your heart aches for something,
God wants that for you, too.
For, He sent His Spirit,
Who resideth in you.

When your heart aches for something,
It's time for a fresh start;
As He forever cares
In matters of the heart.

© by Joyce C. Lock

Proverbs 4:23
I John 3:21-22, 24
Forever And A Day

Your love is patient, kind and true.
It's hard to find someone like you.
And even though I have my faults,
You take them with a grain of salt.

You never say, "I'm not good enough."
Just fill my heart with endless love.
And when I'm sad you bring a smile,
Make my life worth living all the while.

Down through the years you've always stayed,
Close by my side, and never strayed.
And when I've lost faith in humankind,
You've found a way to change my mind.

Sweetheart, you know I couldn't ask,
For a love more real, or so steadfast.
And as long as you'll have me, I think I'll stay,
Right here in your arms, "Forever, And A Day."

Because forever is where I want to be,
With my love for you, and yours for me.
And when our hair has turned to gray,
We'll still have each other, "Forever, And A Day."

© 2006 Vickie Lambdin


Whenever I see a heart
I think of Valentines
And am so very thankful dear
That you are one of mine

What a thrill when just a child
They would pass the cards around
And in our classes at school
All different kinds were found

It was in those younger years
And it's instilled in me
The preciousness of giving cards
Of hearts for all to see

So give your heart away again
On this Valentine's Day
Not only a card but a gift of love
You'll make another's day

Gary James Smith Feb 6, 2006

A Valentine

Is a valentine a card,
A person, or a feeling?
It is all of these things.
It is all about love.
You are my love, forever.
God sent you into my life.
I did not expect one so nice.
You are more wonderful
Than I could have guessed,
A real cut above all the rest.
God placed you there
By His divine will
So I could meet you
And my life be fulfilled.
God made you especially for me.
I thank Him, on this Valentines Day,
For the perfect gift He gave.
It was for you that I prayed.
I love You
Happy Valentines Day!

© 2006 Sarah Berthelson
 God Gave Me A Valentine

God gave me a valentine.
He said, "Open it with care.
For, what's inside is special,
Something I want to share."

"On Valentines Day, I'll give you
A gift that you will love.
My Son will bring it to you,
Straight from Heaven above.

I can't think of a better time
To give my gift to you
Than the universal day of love;
The beginning of all things new.

And, God loved me so much,
He said we would never part.
God gave me a valentine.
God gave me His heart.

© 2004 by Claytia Doran

"Oh, Yes ~ Hearts Weep"

Hearts weep when
they are hurting
hearts break apart
and bleed . . .
Hearts do not
understand why
love's sometimes
a bitter seed ~

Some hearts grow
ever more tender
others calloused
some implode . . .
with more bitter, cruel
feelings each
episode ~

Some hearts disguise
their feelings, as mimes,
they act
a role . . .
Suppress each thought
to reach for help
humorists ~ laughter
veil tormented soul ~

Yes, it's true
they suffer so
oft' from their eyes
tears seep . . .
If such a one
is known to you
handle gently

© 2006 Mary Carter Mizrany

Dedicated to those whose
hearts are weeping.
I wish I could touch you gently!
Jesus, My Valentine

These words I write You Jesus to tell
you it's true, You are my
Valentine, and the only one I ever knew.

I had grown up believing there could never
be a Valentine for me, and
then I met You Lord, on a cross at Calvary.

You're the Valentine I treasure in words
I can't explain, for when the Father
gave me You, I also received your Name.

Jesus, my Life, Love, Lord and Savior, with
Your blood You purchased me,
my Valentine for ever, You will always be.

A Valentine from the Father, His Son
He holds so dear, He is for
the asking from a heart that's sincere.

Truer love can't be found, nor a Valentine
with more heart, One you can keep
forever from you He'll not depart.

When you give Valentines this year don't
just give a card, give the Father's
Valentine, and He'll give them
a brand new heart.

© 2003 Shirley McNeilly
All poems used here are used with
permission from the Authors
Please contact them for permission
before using their works.





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