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What’s So Grand



Before I came I heard them say

That I was really grand.

Now what would make them think it so

From all across the land?


The day soon came, I entered in,

A cold and scary place;

But then they wrapped me nice and snug

And kissed my tiny face.


They oooed and ahhhed and carried on,

Until they made me blush!

I’m just a tiny baby boy…

All seem to want to touch.


What makes my grandma teary-eyed

Placing pictures on a shelf?

Just because it’s one of me

Walking all by myself.


I make the biggest messes,

That you have ever seen;

Get chocolate on the carpet,

And tear up magazines!


Yet grandma seems to love me.

I just don’t understand.

But sure am glad to have her,

‘Till I become a man.


So, what’s so grand ‘bout grandkids?

Guess someday I’ll understand.

For now, I’ll make my grandma smile,

Think I’ll let her hold my hand!

© 2006 Marie Williams





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