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Cheerful Heart

Lord, may I keep a cheerful heart
Filled with gratitude
A heart of love for all mankind
And one that praises you.

Each morning as I greet the day
I humbly ask of thee
A chance to sow into a life
The love you’ve shown to me.

Let the words I speak today
Uplift a weary soul
Give encouragement and hope
And Christ, in me, behold.

May a cheerful heart spring forth
In joyous melody
Songs of praises for the Lord
The one who set man free.

From morning light to setting sun
In all I seek to do
With cheerful heart and thanksgiving
I offer all… to you.

© 2006 Marie Williams

A cheerful heart does good like medicine,
but a broken spirit makes one sick.
Proverbs 17:22

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