"Front Porch Inspirations"


 Christmas Fare


Christmas lights everywhere
Snow piles sparkle and glisten
Excitement crackling in the air
Children, quietly wait and listen

Carols sung, throughout the night
Bells, on every corner .....Ring
Santa’s sleigh, ready to take flight
Oh, what a fun and exciting thing

People busy, running to and fro
Preparing everything so bright
Trim the tree, and watch it glow
The choir sings "Oh Holy Night"

Fireplace cracking, soft and warm
Fragrances of cinnamon and spice
Snow flying .....In a winter storm
Pretty presents all wrapped so nice

Celebration of Christmas, so clear
With the "Nativity" for all to see
Three Wise Men, with gifts, to bear
For Our King ...Of the Heavenly

Everything set, we wait in anticipation
"Midnight Hour" Begins the season
The birth of "Our Lord" in celebration
Glory unto Him... He is the reason!
© 2005 Judith Johnson Kypta

Used with permission



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"Joy" © by Paula Vaughn
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 Front Porch Inspirations - 2005

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Music by Margi Harrell


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