"Front Porch Inspirations"

Christmas Miracle


A child was born in Bethlehem

So many years ago

God incarnate came to earth

His love to all bestowed


The stars shown brightly in the sky

Angelic hosts proclaimed

A miracle this virgin birth

And Jesus was His name.


A humble birth in manger lay

This glorious King of kings

Pure and sinless Holy God

Our life He came to redeem.


No earthly crown was He to wear

Nor scepter would He hold

A crown of thorns upon his head

And bidding for His robe.


The miracle of Christmas past

Was where it all began

But let us not just leave Him there

A babe in Bethlehem.


Nor would we leave Him in the grave

What hope would we have then

Christmas miracle of all…

Is that He rose again.


©2005 Marie Williams


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