"Front Porch Inspirations"

Christmas Train

Do you hear the whistle blow
Chug a-lugging through the snow
  Up the hills and 'round the bend
Christmas trains are here again.
Families waiting patiently
A child in hand or on a knee
Listening for the music sweet
See the children's dancing feet?
Choc-o-lates and peppermints
Mugs of cider... for cold events
Passed to all among the crowd
Voices singing carols aloud.
Twinkling lights on Christmas trains
Faces pressed 'gainst window panes
Watching snowflakes piling high
Children cheer and wave goodbye.
Holidays are not the same
Without the lighted Christmas Train
Chug-a lugging down the track
Hope next year will bring it back.
2005 Marie Williams

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Front Porch Inspirations - 2005

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