"Front Porch Inspirations" 

"Cowgirl Christmas"



We've gathered up the mistletoe

And placed it near the door

So come on by and join me

We'll shuffle 'round the floor.

My boots are shined and ready

Come give this gal a whirl

We'll sashay  'cross the dance floor

To watch the snowflakes twirl.

We'll  sip some apple cider

And snuggle up real close

Maybe sing some carols

And watch the cold winds blow.

The tree lights twinkle brightly
Just like your star filled eyes
The beauty of the season
Causes me to sigh!

How wonderful is Christmas

When it's shared with those we love

It's a special Cowgirl Christmas

Sent from Heaven above!

2004 Marie Williams


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Front Porch Inspirations - 2004

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