Crown of Thorns

John 19:2-3 " And the soldiers platted a crown of thorns, and put it on His head, and they put on Him a purple robe, and said Hail, King of the Jews! And they smote Him with their hands."

When I think of the crown of thorns that Jesus wore as He was crucified on the cross, I visualize His precious blood slowing spilling where each individual thorn pierced his head. I can only imagine the excruciating pain He felt during the crucifixion.

We may never know or understand fully all the thoughts, the extreme pain, or emotions that He dealt with there on the cross. I am certain that only a small part has been revealed to us.

There must have been a private personal side to his death that only he and God shared. But, most important is the fact that he did it; and he did it because of one thing, one simple but powerful word. Love. He loved us unto death.

The crown of thorns represented mockery of royalty. To us, he has redeemed, it represents his undying love for us. A love so uncompromising that Christ was willing to give his life as a sacrifice for us. He endured it all on the cross, the pain, sickness, death, all because of love.

We may never have to wear a crown of thorns, nor will we have to experience the second death 'IF we have accepted God's gift of salvation... his son's shed blood on the Cross.

The only cross we must carry is total surrender to the will of God. Die to self and live in Christ. What a gift of Love; and what a deep love.

    Victorious Love  They murmured among themselves that dayAs they led Him to the room,To be judged, convicted, and sentenced to death,Buried him in the tomb.The demons rejoiced in hell you see, For they thought that they had won.But they didn't know the plan of God,Nor did they know His Son.He took upon Himself the sins,The sickness, and disease.He was nailed to the cross that day,So that we might be set free.Then He went to the pit of hell three days,There He stayed to pay the price.But on that glorious third day,Our Lord began to rise!He carried His blood to the mercy seat,There He poured it out.He then sat down at the right hand of God,Rejoice with a glorious shout!He has shown His victorious love for us,The ultimate gift He gave.He lives forever in our hearts,Tell the world that Jesus Saves.Copyright 2002 by Marie Williams
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