Little Girls Dreams


I have a favorite jewelry box

Filled with some pretty pearls

I share them with my teddy bears

From all around the world.


We like to blow our bubbles

And watch them float up high

We dream of having angel wings

And that we too can fly.


We travel O so far away

To a place weve never seen

And sprinkle bits of happiness

From colored Jelly Beans.


We dance on tiny moonbeams

Make wishes on the stars

Blow kisses to my mom and dad

Fling rose petals from my heart.


We dream that we might make the world

A better place to be

And that our songs of merriment

Bring love and joy and peace.


These were the things I dreamed of

A childlike fantasy?

As I grow I soon will learn

Its quite ok to dream.


2005 Marie Williams


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Front Porch Inspirations - 2005

Midi Playing 'Free As The Wind'
 by Yoko Ohigashi

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