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Iím Learning


Iím learning not to question
the trials that come my way
 but to rest in Godís sweet peace
 knowing help Heíll not delay.
 Iím learning I can trust Him.
 My best is His desire
 Iíve learned that my obedience
 is all that He requires.
 Itís not always easy
 as I strive to do His will
 I may often falter yet
 I know He loves me still.
 His love is unconditional
 and because He doesnít change
 I know that I can go in prayer
 to call upon His name.
 Iíve learned that itís more blessed
 to give than to receive
 and as I pray for others
 He meets our every need.
 Storm clouds bring the rainbows
 just as trials bring forth growth
 I will keep my eyes on Jesus
 To His promise I must hold.
 Iíve also discovered that
 until the day I die
 I will continue learning
 and Iíve stopped asking, "Why?"
 We learn from each other
 as we walk this path in life
 if weíll walk in God's loveÖ
 not in earthly strife.

 © 2003 Marie Williams


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