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It Was Love

It was love that placed Him on the cross.
Our sins He chose to bear
To redeem us from hell's dark grave.
It was love that kept Him there.

He walked the lonely road called life,
Ridiculed and hated by man;
Yet love worked its perfect work.
It was love, that caused Him to stand.

It was love that gave Him eyes to see
What beauty the future would hold
In a soul redeemed by His glorious grace,
So He stayed there, His gift to bestow.

It was love, that raised Him from the grave,
Interceding for those left behind.
The same love now will deliver from sin,
Heal the sick, and give sight to the blind.

It was love, precious love, of the Father and Son...
What more could they possibly give?
Shed blood on the Cross at Calvary,
Sacrificed that we might live.

  2004-2006 Marie Williams


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Front Porch Inspirations - 2006

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