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Just a Little Giggle


Itís just a little giggle

But, oh the joy it brings.

It lights my early mornings

And I hear it in my dreams


Sparkling eyes of blue,

Like moonbeams dancing bright

Captured by his smile

Iíll stay on through the night.


Itís just a little giggle,

Riding on the wind.

I know I wonít resist,

Soon the laughter will begin.


How did he win my heart?

Iím sure I do not know.

But now that I am his,

Heíll never let me go.


What joy to share a part of,

His life in simple ways.

Thank God for little giggles.

May joy fill him every day!


© 2006 Marie Williams








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Midi: ''For The Children Of The World'

Sequenced by : Yuko Ohigashi


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