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Last Chance

This week, a man left his earthly home and was ushered into Heaven to meet face to face with Jesus Christ, and unite with family gone on before him. It’s a bitter sweet time for family left behind, but they are rejoicing because ,had it not been for a young man who took the time to witness to this gentleman, it would have been a completely different story I share with you today. The young minister, led by the Holy Spirit, went to this man’s house months before his passing to speak to him about Jesus.

He confessed that he was a sinner, undone without Christ and that he believed that Christ died for him. He was not quite ready to humble himself before God. Before the young minister left this man’s home, he prayed with him then told him that he could make a decision to repent and confess in the privacy of his own home.

Several weeks passed …the man called a close friend and confessed Christ. He said he had asked Jesus to come into his heart, forgive him of his sins and save him. He was rejoicing because he had been set free from the guilt and stain of sin. The young minister never knew until the death of this man that he had made the decision. What joy it brought to his heart to know he had some small part in leading this man to Christ. The young minister will preach this man’s funeral.

God gives us many opportunities in life to be a witness and let our light shine for Christ. We are free to choose either to walk through that door, or turn away. If we choose to walk away, it may very well be that person’s last opportunity for salvation. What a sobering thought. I must search my heart to see if I have walked away out of fear of man, rather than show them Gods heart and love for them. To tell them they no longer have to live the life of sin and guilt.

The price has been paid. 2 Corinthians 5:21 God made him who had no sin to be sin for us, so that in him we might become the righteousness of God. Right now would be a good time to seek the Lord while he made be found. If you do not know the Lord…have not received Gods gift of salvation through his Son, Jesus, why not make that decision right now? You do not know what the future holds if you don’t have the peace in your heart, please pray right now, repent of your sins and ask Jesus to come into your heart, forgive you of all your sins. Then follow him in baptism confessing newness of life. Old things are now passed away…all things have become new through the precious blood of Jesus. You can start over. But if you turn away, this may well be your last chance….your last opportunity to say yes and have eternal life.

Just Say Yes! And when you do, be sure to tell someone. Spread the news.

May God bless you and keep you until the day you meet him face to face. Amen.


© 2006 Marie Williams


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