"Front Porch Inspirations"

Life In The Swing
I look out and see the old swing,
Rocking gently in the wind,
Recalling treasured moments,
In the swing I used to spend.
My Grandma's favorite time,
Was shelling peas in the swing,
I would sit down beside her,
And gospel songs we'd sing.
Grandpa loved to sit there too,
His chosen spot for telling stories,
He always wandered to the Bible,
Telling us kids of God's great Glories.
For years the swing sat empty,
Swaying in the gentle wind,
I grew up and took the place,
Of my grandma way back when.
It is now me shelling peas in the swing,
Grandkids crawling to sit by my side,
I tell them of the love of our Lord,
In Him we must always abide.
Happy moments from my youth,
Help me deal with life today,
I think sometimes Grandma,
Is making the ole swing sway.
I close my eyes as I grow sleepy,
I heard a voice talk of God's Praise,
I was once again a little child,
Listening to Grandpa  in earlier days.
Thank you Lord for the memories,
And A family that taught me about you,
For the love deep within my soul,
Given by a precious Father so true.
I awaken to night falling around me,
I had fallen asleep in this ole swing,
Treasuring forever the memories,
That life in the swing doth bring.
March 3 2006 Gayle Davis

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The swing tube used in making this set came from
Crimson Corner

Front Porch Inspirations - 2006

Midi: Her Daddy's Love
by: MCS Music