"Front Porch Inspirations"

Peace Within

Seek after Peace, pursue it,
the Book is known to say,
but Peace in heart, unguarded,
is prone to slip away.

Peace cannot be captured
to study as a book.
Intangible and fragile, may be
lost with just a look.

Peace which dwells in gentle breast,
where anger has no hold,
gives courage in the midst of fear,
the timid one makes bold.

Complacency or self content
may not your spirit rest.
Pursuit of this elusive goal
a never ending quest.

Peace cannot be understood
by those who stand without,
who seek in life a selfish cause,
yet live in fear and doubt.

Righteousness with Peace and Joy,
each Branches of the Vine,
which springs from everlasting soil,
with roots in the Divine.

Seek Peace yet, and pursue it,
this challenge still rings true.
Tho' words alone cannot impart,
God grant His Peace to you.

2004 Don R. Wilkins
Used with permission


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Front Porch Inspirations - 2006

by: Bill Sandy



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