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 Pensive Woman

Joseph must have spent many hours watching as Mary contemplated the conception, and the months of carrying this child who would be called, Jesus.

Perhaps she  slipped  off  often to her secret place to dream, as women do, the dreams of a young mother-to-be, basking in the thoughts of a new-born child… One she and her beloved, Joseph would have the opportunity to raise together with the help of God and guided by his hand and wisdom.

I often imagine what life with Jesus must have been during his infant years. Perhaps God granted that privacy to Mary and Joseph as a special time for just the two of them--an opportunity to love and nurture as any mother and father would desire to do. Perhaps Jesus sat on Mary’s knees as she sang sweet lullaby’s and kissed his cherub face while gazing deeply into eyes that would soon hold such godly wisdom.

I think of Joseph too, knowing that some day, Jesus would follow in his Father’s footsteps, yet continuing to guide, and instruct him in daily matters. Perhaps the two of them spent time making wonderful gifts for Mary out of crafted wood in which the two of them carefully chose. I suppose Joseph instructed him in matters of daily life, but more importantly, he taught him spiritual things.

Perhaps Jesus asked about his birth, as many children do, and I wonder if Joseph or Mary took Jesus aside to explain to him how special his birth was to them in a way he would understand.

I’ve often considered the day Jesus was separated from his parents as he sat in the temple listening to the teachers. I thought also, of the anxiousness in Mary’s heart as she searched for her son. Wise beyond his years, his response, “I must be about my father’s business,” reveals his early knowledge that God indeed, had a plan for him.

I remember well, the feelings and thoughts I had as I realized the special plan God had for our only son. What joy it brings when a child follows in our Heavenly Father’s footsteps.

Yes, I imagine, Joseph quietly watched the love of his life and perhaps backed quietly away to leave her with her private thoughts…thoughts of the years which would pass so quickly--thoughts of what would lie ahead for their son. I imagine Joseph strolled many hours in contemplation of the roads travel in his life with Mary and Jesus…..

What a reunion they must be sharing now! What a reunion we shall have with our loved ones, friends and all those wonderful saints who have gone on before us.

Praise God for Joseph, Mary and the Saints who have and continue to spread the good news that God sent his son that we might have life ~ eternal life starting at the moment of our salvation and never-ending. We shall step out of this body of corruption and enter into eternity with a new uncorruptable body forever and ever! AMEN!

Ó 2006 Marie Williams

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