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I was so very lonely,

Not a friend in sight you see

Then I sat at my computer,

and there they came to me.


First, there was a lady

Her sweet name was Marie,

Her sight led me to others

Of which I could agree.


I then found Melva and Shy,

Who gave a twinkle to my eye

Along came Judie and Southbreeze,

They always cause a sigh.


Of course there is Carol, Gayle, & Eddie

There are many more, I am sure

Too many to give credit

I could name them by the score.


But the best of poetry anywhere,

It is found in Book #1

We call this the Bible,

Itís AuthorÖJesus Christ, Godís Son


© 2006 Ann Marie Fisher

  April 10, 2006


A special "Thank You Ann"
for your sweet poem, your friendship
and all the fun times we've shared.
May God continue to smile upon you!



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