"Front Porch Inspirations"

Upon his knees I saw him
Sweat forming on his brow
As if he were in battle
Against demonic power
Tears rolled softly downward
And pooled upon the floor
As Dad was interceding
I sat beside the door
And then before I knew it
I too began to pray
Guided by the Spirit
Who taught me what to say
Where two or more are gathered
To pray in one accord
The Word of God tells us
We'll be heard by the Lord.
Heavens gates were open
As we entered in
The glory of the Lord
Filled us once again.
A peaceful sense of being
Enveloped us that day
We knew our prayers were answered
As we stood in faith and prayed
Dad knew how to battle
A true prayer warrior was he
I'm so very thankful
God's Word he taught to me
Most surely he is praying
Interceding still...
For those he left behind
Who do not know God's will
And 'tho he is not with me
Each time I near his room
I'll continue praying
With the hope I'll see him soon
We'll praise the Lord together
Give thanks for answered prayer
What a glorious day
United with saints there

2006 Marie Williams


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Front Porch Inspirations - 2006

Midi: 'Pages of the Bible' 
by: Joy Chastagner and Elton Smith 

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