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Prayer for You


I thought of you this morning,

in a special way.

As the Spirit led me,

I began to pray.


Dear Lord, I ask for blessings,

for my friend so dear.

I ask that you will keep her,

free from painful fear.


Let her feel your presence,

every waking hour.

Shed your light upon her.

Reveal your mighty pow’r.


Give her understanding,

of your love so great.

Shield her from deception.

Extend to her your grace.


Let goodness and mercy,

follow her each day.

Give to her a new song,

to sing along the way.


May the Son shine brightly,

in all you say and do.

May you glorify the Savior

as His love comes shinning through.


Thank you for your friendship.

It means so much you see…

Each day it grows yet stronger,

for I know you’ve  prayed for me.


© 2006 Marie Williams



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