"Front Porch Inspirations"
flowerpole artwork by Alan Ayers flowerpole
Rose Colored Dreams

She often strolls along the way

Of shaded paths in noon of day

The weeping willows gently flow

And bluebirds sing love songs below

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Thoughts soon turn to simpler times

Of reading, writing, nursery rhymes

When youth was fresh upon her soul

Life was sweet and filled with hope


Quickly how the time did pass

A lad soon met his favorite lass

Starry-eyed young man did fancy

A lovesick girl by name of Nancy


Her days were filled with love it seems

And weeks were but rose colored dreams

Envisioning a child-filled home

And laughter blossomed in rosy tones

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Though time has quietly slipped away

And love is sweeter yet today

A winsome grin... her thoughts it seems

Once more returned to...Rose Colored Dreams


2006 Marie Williams


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Artwork by Alan Ayers
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Graphics by A Christian Witness

Front Porch Inspirations - 2006

Midi: 'Mist'
Sequenced by: David Folsom

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