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Are you up at the crack of dawn; hustling to the kitchen you coax the kids out of bed, and catch a quick hug from your spouse as you grab a glass of juice in one hand, and milk in another? Does your mind race from one thought to another?
Youíre the Church choir director, cook, assistant teacher, mediator, bus driver, wife, secretary, mother, friend, and everything in between. Your day is loaded with activities, then thereís the evening basketball games, soccer or little Johnnieís football game.
Whew! Youíre stretched to your limit. So how do you fill all your duties each day and still stay calm, collected, and a joy to be around? Iím glad you asked.
First let me say ďIím a mother of three and grandmother of nine.Ē I must admit Iím thankful itís not the other way around. I love children, and they are a blessing, but busy days and long nights can drain one both physically and emotionally. To be the best that I can be, I....like you, must stay focused.
When Iím stretched to my limits I slip away to a quiet place. A place I can be alone with no phone, people, or pressing demands to drain my energy. I donít have to go on vacation to do this. Itís a place I  experience a time of refreshing. I can  pray, read, or just sit and listen to the sounds of nature around me. Itís close to the house, yet remote.
I named this get-away ĎA Secret Placeí. I even wrote a poem about it. Most importantly, I can shut myself off from the world and listen to the voice of God. I may stay there for an hour, or only fifteen minutes. But during that time, I allow the cares of the world to float away like a child's sailboat drifting carefree on the ocean. Quietly, as the spirit speaks to the depths of my soul, I return ready to go forward.
The next time you feel the rubber band is about to snap, choose a mini vacation spot. Find your secret place. Sing a song of praise to the creator of the universe. Youíll be pleasantly surprised how smoothly things will fall into place. Youíll realize youíve found things that can be removed from your ďto do list.Ē Youíll be more organized.
Finally, SMILEÖItís contagious.
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