"Front Porch Inspirations"


I'm sending you this letter
Just to let you know
You're so very special
And I love you so...
Our life is an adventure
The good outweighs the bad
Sunshine fills more mornings
Than nights of feeling sad.
Unselfishly you've given
Of all you have to give
Showing love in little ways
What joy it is to live!
We were drawn together
Two hearts became entwined
By love for one another
I'm yours and you are mine.
The essence of a rosebud
Fills the dew-kissed night
As you hold me in your arms
My heart will soon take flight.
 Words aren't really needed
As I gaze in eyes of blue
You'll tell me that you love me
I'll say, "P.S. I love You."
~~~ ~~~
2006 Marie Williams


















Front Porch Inspirations - 2006

Midi playing "'Secret Kisses"
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