"Front Porch Inspirations"


Walking through the valley with shadows
where roads make me stumble and fall
There's rivers raging with sorrow
and mountains of troubles so tall

The shadows cause me to fear
and rivers try to sweep me away
The mountains become exhausting
and there's roads that lead the wrong way

But I know I will get through the valley
the shadows will dim with the light
Then I will climb those high mountains
and soon they will fade from my sight

The rivers will not overtake me
as long as I'm looking above
And I'll find the road that will lead me
to my Saviour with all of His love

His arms outstretched to save me
I'll see those nailed scared hands
That helped me each time that I stumbled
as He encircles me into His arms

His feet once bruised and bleeding
walked with me all of the way
Helping me get through the valley
with the shadow of death every day.

2004 by Tia Marie
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Used with permission. Please do not reproduce
this poem without contacting the author
for permission.



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