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A Soldiers Prayer


Standing ‘neath the darkened sky,

One lonely soldier weeps,

For comrades held in enemy camps,

Praying to be freed.


Through the long and lonely night,

The sounds of war prevailed.

Bombs exploding in the air,

The soldier knew them well.


In muffled tones he whispers…”God

Please hear my desperate plea,

Guide me with Your Watchful Eye,

And with Your Hand lead me.”


His thoughts then turn to families,

Of those who gave their lives,

In a war so far from home,

They never said goodbyes.


As the tears roll down his face,

He solemnly declares,

“My allegiance to my God,

And to my fellow man.”


He promises his all to give,

Prays angels intervene.

That by the grace of God above,

His comrades will be free.


© 2005 Marie Williams











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