"Front Porch Inspirations"

Autumn Canvas

 Wondrous beauty beckons you,

Lift eyes t’ward Heaven’s brilliant blues,

Mountains, regally draped with snow,

Tree lined golden hues below.


Watch in silence elk grazing near,

One lone bull stands guard in fear.

A watchful eye keeps senses keen,

Guarding precious harem queen.


Babbling brooks sing their refrains,

From early morning seasonal rains.

As the elk pants for reprieve,

From midday warmth and sweet relief.


Soon fall will fade to winter browns,

Snow-white fields shall then be found.

See glistening crystals formed on trees.

 Love offerings, from my Lord, to thee.


Let hearts rejoice in one accord,

Four seasons offered from our Lord.

All knowing God… How could it be?

You canvassed earth exquisitely.



© 2005 Marie Williams


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