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 Autumn Début
Branches dressed in ruby reds
Golden hues drape flowerbeds
Riding swiftly on autumn winds
Leaves swirl ’round country bends.

Autumn débuts her bright display
Of Jack Frost glistening on the hay
And rows of pumpkin-laden fields
Resting proudly on farmers' hills.

A moonlit night glows brilliantly
And shadows dance uncaringly
As the evening changes scenes
Wildlife crosses gentle streams.

Smoke rings circle in the sky
Smoldering ashes piling high
Glowing embers draw me near
Night sounds singing in my ear.

As the seasons come and go
We have seeds we too must sow
A harvest great we pray to reap
If in this life God's will we keep.

Autumn début at its best
Embrace each day with all its tests
Enter in with joy and song
For autumn does not last for long.

Each cycle grander than the last
Spring and summer now have passed
Autumn stands in great array
Until God nods for winter days.
Ó 2006 Marie Williams





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