"Front Porch Inspirations"

Awesome Wonder

I see the awesome wonder,
Of the One that created me,
Forming man from the dust,
That is the Potter, I long to see.
Such a vision in my mind,
The awesome wonder by His hands,
The earth He made before me,
We are a miracle called man.

The awesome wonder of birth,
A baby born in perfection,
Only by the grace of God,
It is through His loving Salvation.
Bodies healed from different diseases,
Restoration by His miraculous hands,
I stand in awe of the Son of God,
Heaven and earth are at His command.

I see the awesome wonder,
Of souls saved from sin,
A cleansing of impurities,
He takes it all from within.
I long to stand before my Lord,
To look upon His loving face,
To traverse the streets of heaven,
Iíll walk beside this Man of Grace.
© 2006 Gayle Davis
28 June





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Midi: 'Face to Face'
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