Blessed Hope

How vain would be the life I lived,

If all Iíd said or done,

Brought hopelessness, and strife to man,

Or shame to Godís own Son.


If not one ray of light did shine,

Within a temple darkened,

By sin and hatred of man-kind,

What voice, will I have hearkened?


Thereís blessed Hope in Jesus Christ.

God offered up a plan.

To save a wretched soul like me,

Give life to every man.


You ask what hope have I to see,

Gates of Heaven opened wide?

ĎTis not one thing that I achieved,

Yet I shall be His Bride.


My hope lies deep within Godís Truth,

A promise I hold dear.

His bloodshed was the sacrifice,

In Him, I need not fear.


It was the Cross of Calvary,

Christís life, He freely gave.

He took my sin upon Himself,

Which is my hope today.


© 2003  Marie Williams




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