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The Invitation

The Invitation

Do you hear the Master calling?
Listen closely to His voice.
Come and dine at His table,
You’re invited--it’s your choice.

We shall break the bread together,
Draw pure water from the well.
Be His guest -- you’re always welcome,
Please partake until you’re filled.

Feel the winds of the Spirit,
Resting sweetly on your soul,
As He fills you with His power,
Come and dine and be made whole.

He's the sweet Rose of Sharon
Calling softly , “Come to Me.”
“Come and rest upon my shoulder,
From all burdens, be set free.”

The table's set and waiting...
You are welcome, one and all.
You are cordially invited,
Hasten friend, to the Master’s call.
Ó  2006 Marie Williams

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Midi: Joseph's Song
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