"Front Porch Inspirations"

Daddy's Footprints

I saw my daddy's walking shoes
Sitting by the door one day,
So I slipped my feet into them
And went quickly out to play.

There was a path that he had made
That led to a big oak tree
Where he would bow alone to pray,
And He'd ask God to bless me.

His footprints, molded in the clay
From daily going there,
Beckoned me to follow them,
To spend some time in prayer.

Beneath the shade of the oak tree
Where dad would so often go,
I found the place where He would kneel
And would pray for me, I know.

I said, "Dear God, my Dad's a man
Whose shoes I love to wear,
For he's a man who taught me how
You hear and answer prayer.

"So now I pray You'll hear my prayer
And bless my Daddy, too,
For his footprints have led me here
And taught me to love You."

İ Linda J Stevenson
Roanoke , Va.









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İ Front Porch Inspirations - 2006

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