"Front Porch Inspirations"

It's easy to see
She's daddy's little girl
Chocolate eyes of brown
Head of bouncing curls
She's her daddy's delight
When he tucks her in at night
Her chubby little fingers
Holding on to his so tight
She plants kisses by the dozen
On his ruddy cheeks
O how daddy's heart melts
As he rises to his feet
She waves goodnight to him
As he turns to go
Her angelic voice is heard
"Daddy, I wub you so"
Yes she's daddy's little girl
I'm sure she'll always be
The apple of his eye
Just as she is to me.

  2006 Marie Williams



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to Front Porch Inspirations

Artwork: courtesy of Broderbund
Music: Daddy's Little Girl

Front Porch Inspirations - 2006

Midi: Daddy's Little Girl
 Midi sequenced by: Frank W. Schober


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