"Front Porch Inspirations"


Frosted Twilight


Frosted twilight brings alive

The old, forgotten barn

Enveloped by the wintry snows

Standing proudly on the farm.


Memories etched into my mind

Of days we stacked the hay

Gathered from the fields of gold

On a sultry summer day.


Sheltered from the cold of night

Calves gathered near the cows

Seeking solace from the sounds

Of forlorn wolves that howled.


Footprints in the drifts of snow

From granddad's boot-clad feet

Long since vanished in the night

Yet still a memory sweet.


My spirit leaps in jubilee

At thoughts of days gone by

Simple beauty unsurpassed

Sealed with age and time.


Weather-beaten barn still stands

Amongst my yesterdays

‘Though in reality of life

Soon frosted twilight fades.


© 2006 Marie Williams


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